The nine courserooms in this page contains 26 professional development (PD) workshop packages developed from The Jockey Club Self-directed learning in STEM Project. These PD workshops were designed and implemented during the project period (Year 0: Mar 2019 – Aug 2019, Year 1: Sep 2019 to Aug 2020, Year 2: Sep 2020 - Aug 2021) and received good feedback from participants. 

These PD materials have been refined and are now presented on this iLap platform (which allows curriculum developers to manage learning resources and learners participating in interactive learning activities) so that other educators are enabled to make reference to these workshop materials with design thinking informed by educational theories. These PD packages were organised based on their year of implementation and target audience. The presentation of the packages allow readers to focus on the design thinking and the demonstration of the usage of e-Learning affordances. Online discussion details and admin issues are not included in the presentation. 

 Under each package, you can click the “WORKSHOP LEARNING DESIGN” to see the workshop learning design on the Learning Design Studio (which curriculum designers can design curriculum with a theory-based flow and improve the curriculum based on the insight from the system’s analysis). It is then followed by the theme, date, time, venue, introduction and the materials used in the package. The iLAP is a LMS and shows what affordnaces are suggested. The LMS by no means can fully capture the design ideas. Please refer to the "WORKSHOP LEARNING DESIGN" for details. The “WORKSHOP LEARNING DESIGN” illustrates the design thinking with intended learning outcomes, and how these outcomes are achieved through different learning tasks in each curriculum component. Readers can also refer to its dashboard for analyzing the underlying design ideas. 

 Starting from March 2020, all workshops were held fully online because of the pandemic. We thank all participating schools for having stayed in tune with us and their engagement in collaboratively designing STEM topics with essential design principles as addressed in these workshops.


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Year 0 PD Workshops for all schools

Year 0 PD workshops for primary schools

Year 0 PD workshops for secondary schools

Year1 PD Workshops for all schools

Year1 PD Workshops for primary schools

Year1 PD Workshops for secondary schools

Year 2 PD Workshops for all schools

Year 2 PD Workshops for primary schools

Year 2 PD Workshops for secondary schools